Thursday, May 29, 2008

They are leaving!

This picture is of me being happy...with my girl Huong. This will soon change. Why? Because the kids are leaving! I'm just building up my relationship with the older kids at Baby Orphanage (Including my girl Huong) and now all the kids over the age of 6 are leaving. I am seriously upset about this. I'm totally going to miss her.
I didn't expect to fall for a kid so quickly here, especially since communication is limited, but seriously, when you spend your whole day with them, and they give you hugs, kisses and hold your hands you start to get attached. The last few days since school ended we have spent almost all of the day together. She gets me to sit on the steps while she puts my hair in pigtails, pushes my bangs back and slicks them to the side, tries to steal a comb from the 'mothers' to comb my hair smooth, and fails. (Also tried to find a nail clipper to give me a manicure... also didn't turn out as she wanted) She's 8, she gives me hugs, and she's beautiful.
They all leave on Monday. MONDAY. We are planning on doing something for all of the kids on "International Children's Day" (hear that mom? There IS a kids day... not just Mother's Day and Father's Day, haha). Now I guess we just need to make their special day bigger. The kids never get a chance to see outside the orphanage (I guess they freaked when they saw the ocean last month). I don't know what we are going to do, but it's going to be BIG.
Carrie (the volunteer who has been here for 8 or 9 months) is very upset too. The kids aren't just going to another orphanage in the area, they are going all the way to Hoi An (where we sometimes vacation on the weekend.) She has one girl that she absoloutely loves, and now she will have to travel for 2 hours on a bus and stay in a hotel to see her. Maybe I'll get a chance to go with her. Oh man I am very upset. I just am.

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Mom said...

Your grandfather used to say that "Childrens Day is every day; that's why there is no special day designated". Too bad about the children; Im sure you'll miss them