Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little Singing and Dancing goes a long way

Social Support is probably my favorite of the three orphanages. Today Rosie, Jenny and I made crafts with the kids. We cut out the shapes of shirts and skirts/pants and the outlines of bodies. They glued the clothes on the bodies and drew on some faces. I got a little bored of the crafting activities so I took one of the children, picked her up and starting swinging her around the room. Chaos ensued.
We had children hanging off each limb and we started singing the crazy camp songs that I learned a long time ago. Aunt Emma (dancing like chickens) the banana song (peeling, cutting, mushing, eating and GOING BANANAS) Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes we Can-canned with the girls, and had a whole lot of sweaty, energetic fun. It took a while for us to calm them down as we left, and I got a lot of the Sniff-Kisses from the kids. I drove away, blowing kisses...and nearly ran into the swing set.
We went to the Coop (supermarket) and bought some of the worst chocolat ever! Note to self, if it costs less than 20 cents Canadian.. its probably not worth it. Had fish, rice and potatoes for supper... I am presently laughing at Rosie as she tries to have a conversation with her boyfriend beside me. Common computer/Skype doesnt always leave a lot of room for privacy.

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treasure said...

LOL @ worst chocolate ever

U knw how the saying goes,
" cheap things aint good" well usually in most cases...