Sunday, May 18, 2008

Parade Day

We got a chance to get to know the volunteers in Da Nang a little better this weekend. We drove up to visit them, spent a night in Da Nang then went to Hoi An and spent a night there. We just got back a few hours ago and I'm very tired. I ate a lot of Western food this weekend. They do fries very well but burger's aren't always the best (so salty that I now have canker sores) boo. I know branching out and eating new things is what I'm supposed to do, but you really start to crave familiar things sometimes. I would do some extreme things for a good plate of nachos right now.
We visited Da Nang's Social Support which was a really neat orphanage. Basically, since begging is illegal in Vietnam, they take beggers and put them in a place called 'Social Support'. It's pretty self sustainable, with gardens and stuff, and the people look after each other a lot. It was a very hard place for me to be though because it was drastically different from any of our orphanages. Most people there had mental and physical challenges and they didn't have a lot of people to take care of them. I was very shocked and a little upset at first, but when I saw them taking care of each other, I was comforted.
We left and went to Hoi An, spent some of the night at the beach where I played rock, paper, scissors with a new friend. (The kids at the orphanage have an extreme version of rock paper scissors, I appreciate it). Today we woke up, went to the beach and stayed there till it was too cloudy and looked like it might rain. (Rosie got a great tan and I'm a touch jealous).
We came home and there was a big parade going right in front of our place, I was too lazy to go downstairs but Catrina and I sat on the balcony doing Sudokus and watching the parade from above.
I'm off to bed as I must work with children again in a matter of 8 hours and I need to wash some sand out of my hair and other various places.


Mom said...

Sounds like fun . Do you have any photos to post?

treasure said...

Id go with "mom"
sounds like fun