Monday, May 26, 2008


Last year at work when putting away the chairs with the bellstaff boy Jeff, I was complaining about sweating. He replied: Girls don't sweat Danielle, They glow.

If only Jeff could see me now.

The following is a list of the places on my body that sweat in Vietnam that dont usually in Canada:
Inner Forearm
Backs of my hands
Ear Lobes
Eye lids (eyebrows are only kinda useful)
Between my toes/ fingers
Under my Fingernails
Tops of my feet
Behind my ears
My Belly Button

Things that make me sweat that don't when I'm in Canada:
Waking up
Brushing my teeth
Drinking water
Drying off after my shower
Putting on my Bra/ any of my clothes
Walking down the stairs
Eating a snack
Hanging up laundry on the roof
Writing in my journal
Playing Cards
Typing at the computer

Althought I look forward to returning home and this excessive sweating stopping... I'm having a fun time in the moisture of it all.

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treasure said...

Now this is funny, they Got "Sure" dwn there i bet haha
and hmmn "Nivea for women" haha
some sorta metabolism change hmmn
U must kick rii now haha