Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nha Trang

Nha Trang was a load of fun. It was our last weekend with the volunteers that are leaving this month and we wanted to make the best of it. We took a sleeper bus for 10 hours from Tam Ky all the way to Nha Trang. There was one bathroom stop, and some guy stole Carrie's shoes, she had to go up to him and take them back (with the rest of us cracking up in the background).
We arrived our hotel which was called "The Nice Hotel" at about 6am, found a room, crashed for about another 6 hours, then spent the day at the beach. We parasailed, improved our tans and had a nice relaxing evening.
Our second day, we went to a water park. We went in a cable car over the ocean, spent most of the day sliding down slides as "our own little family". We all seemed to walk out of the water park with injuries, I bit my lip, Jenny had a million bug bites, Cat smashed her head off the slide... and I think we all had perma-wedgies. It was a good time.
From there, we got to go to the 'dry rides' which were like, roller coasters, carosels and other amusement park rides. Bumper cars were my fave! I also rode the mechanical bull successfully but I'm sure I looked petrified. Tam seemed bored, Rosie laughed her head off and I think my eyes popped out of my head as I repeated 'I dont want to jump off... just stop, PLEASE'. The bull took a minute and a half to listen.
We went to a fire show on Saturday night, which was pretty cool, danced to an obscene amount of techno and got home to the Nice Hotel pretty late. Shopping and getting my haircut were the plans for the next morning. Big goals, which I did accomplish.
Getting my hair cut was an interesting process. I mean, I know its just hair, and mine grows fast enough but I was still a little nervous. My hairdresser pulled out a few pictures until I found one I moderately liked and told her 'please dont cut my bangs too short, I have a cowlick and It will stick up funny.' (or I pointed at my bangs and said 'not short, sticks up! sticks up!) she laughed and said 'same same' and made her cowlick stick straight up. This reassured me that she understood. I had the longest, best head wash of life. She scrubbed, rinsed, scrubbed, scratched and (weirdly enough) washed inside my ears. I'm not sure what I think about the ear scrub, but it was kinda funny. My hair turned out just fine (all of you that were so concerned for me).
It was a nice break, but today we are back to work!


Jackie S said...

"I pointed at my bangs and said 'not short, sticks up! sticks up!"

HAHAH, I love it. How very "lost in translation" but not exactly lost.

I can just hear you saying it in my head.

I luuuurve youuuu!!!!

Wanna go to England with me?

Danielle Sharkey said...

yes i want to go to england with you. want to go to scotland with me?

treasure said...

I see yall having fun out there
oh well, guess id be going to Wales alone, looks like errbody going british and FYI im back to check ur blog out