Tuesday, May 27, 2008


At home I enjoyed the occasional smoothie. It's cool, refreshing, and full of tasty fruit. Here in Tam Ky, every lunch is accompanied with a new fruit and ice concoction, some which are wonderful, others are just an adventure.

I enjoyed the following smoothies:
Banana and Yogurt
Grapefruit and Jackfruit
Banana and Pinapple
Apple and Pineapple
Orange and Pineapple
Carrot and Pineapple

I did not enjoy the following smoothies:
Banana and Tomato
Grapefruit and Tomato
Anything with Tomato

Note for those at home, do not put tomato in Smoothies. It may LOOK like strawberry... but it tastes very different.

1 comment:

Jackie S said...

Ew. I agree. Tomatoes do not belong in smoothies.

Though I'm a fan of this Jackiefruit you speak of :P