Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heartbreak Hotel Part 1

While working in the three orphanages, we learn a lot about the children. While their personalities and smiles are wonderful, sometimes their stories are a bit harder.
Some problems are widespread among the children, most of the babies have flat heads because they lay on their back too often. The 'mothers' (women who look after the children when we aren't there) have too much to do to hold them all the time. A doctor came in about a month ago and checked the children, all of them are malnourished. We take fruit to them every day to help give them some kind of vitamins, but often all the orphanage can afford is packets of dried noodles (aka Mr Noodles) which gives them some calories, but not enough nutrients. My next two entries are about two children whose stories were very difficult for me. They both live at the Baby Orphanage, their names are Tien and Kieu.

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