Sunday, May 25, 2008

Orphanage Time

Kids are cool. I'm learnign some new clapping games from the older kids at Home of Affection, learning to deal with rejection from Kieu (from Baby Orphanage, aka B.O.) and starting to make a bond with a few other kids. I had a hard day on Tuesday with Kieu as she was totally ignoring me and pulling away if I tried to hold her hand or anything, and that was very tough for me.
Wednesday was a totally different thing altogether, I went back to where she stays and we were having a great time. The 4 of the little orphan girls and me, running around, laughing; I was chasing them and tickling them and they were just laughing their heads off at everything I did. It was a great feeling. Even the little girl we call 'the non expression girl' (Kieu's friend who is new to the orphanage and still finding her place) was giggling as I wiggled my fingers at her, threatening to tickle.
The next day I hung out with my friend Huong, who I think is realizing that she is my fave. I was talking to Carrie about her, and apparently she doesn't get a lot of attention from the volunteers because she is older (hence, less cute) but I think she's amazing! She was helping me put away toys when I had to leave, and gave my bike a push to get me going as I peddled away.
I'm very excited that starting this week, the kids will be on their summer break so I will get to see her and the other school children every day. I'm sure it will get tiring, but I'm very excited.

Here is a random compilation of some pictures from a few of our trips, Patrick's haircut and lot of the children.

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