Sunday, May 25, 2008

Howdy Strangers!

I know, I know its been too long, but it's hard when you are as busy as us. We started out the week on Tuesday with a crazy free trip that ended up being just about opposite of what we were expecting. The travel agent said there would be mountains, waterfalls and that they would be taking pictures of us to put in some sort of magazine (hence having it be free), but in reality we had to get all snazzy-ed up to drive a few hours up a mountain, drink some tea, get rained on and eat some crazy food with the local tribe. I found out later that the 'getting rained on' was during an opening ceremony so that the tribe's home would start inviting tourists to come and experience their life. We got all snazzy-ed up because the people we were eating our dinner with were the local leaders and very important people.

A few emotions I went through:
I was very pissed that when the tour directors gave the rest of us rain gear (plastic bags with hoods) they neglected Tam, because he looks Vietnamese and they assumed he was our translator. He said he didn't care, but it fully bothered me.

The food was interesting. We drank some really strong wine made from mulbery; I ateg some sort of beef, found out later it was wild boar; and ate some sort of white meat, guessed it was chicken, my suspicions were correct... which I found out when I nearly chomped down on it's foot, talons and all.

I'm off to make up some photo albums and see if I can upload them to here.

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