Friday, May 9, 2008

A good day

Today has been pretty kickass. I Woke up this morning, chilled out at the baby orphanage, sat down and had a great chat with one of the other volunteers. Carrie is 27, is from Australia and has been working here forever. She is super enthusiastic and I had an awsome talk with her.
We went to the beach for a few hours, I remembered to put sunscreen on so my burn didn't get any worse, it started raining (which is a nice change around here) and now I am chilling out with the rest of the crew, listening to my old Savage Garden C.D. reading some Get Fuzzy (my favorite comic of life) and waiting for the cake and party which we are having tonite. Tam, our Australian boy, has been saving up some money and is using it to pay of the mortguage on our cook's house. It's a big surprise and we are really excited for it. She thinks we are just going out for a beer or something, but we are all planning on dressing up and surprising her. I can't wait to see the look on her face.


treasure said...

kool stuff, I caught up on missed posts

the vietnam roads sound familiar haha, especially the swerving motor bikes, love it!

Mary T. said...

Hi Dee Great story line to your travels. Read them as they are posted !! Take care and will be anxious to read the next one