Sunday, May 4, 2008

E.T. is a friend of mine and he is kinda spacey. He traveled across the universe to party and go crazy

I had a few first this weekend: first time at the beach; first Vietnamese sunburn (they are painful), first motor-taxi ride (not that scary, they only go about 30 km per hour). All of the above happened in Hoi An, our first road trip in Vietnam.
Our Friday consisted of us leaving the orphanage, caming home and eating, then packing and heading off to a new town. We hopped in a cab, and the cabbie was rocking out to some english techno. The ET song (please refer to my title) was one of my favorites, and had the tune of 'Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination'. We checked into a gorgeous hotel with a pool, air conditioning, continental breakfast for 15$ for a 2 person room. (yeah, it really is that cheap). We wandered around the city for a while, and tailors jumped out of their shops asking if we wanted anything made. Each of us left town with at least one personally-designed item. I have a cute summer dress, white with turquoise polka dots. Very me.
Thea beach was gorgeous. The water was much warmer than we have in Canada (big surprise) and the sand was pretty white. Most people on the beach were not from Vietnam. Many Australians, or New Zealanders. We actually left the beach and had a Vietnamese motor-taxi driver call out to us 'Gudday mate!' Which made me giggle. I mean, I've been mistaken for an American before, but never an Australian. I truly think I'm too pale right now for that to be believable. We decided to take motor taxi's back to the hotel, so Cat, Rosie and I hopped on 3 bikes, showed them the card for the hotel so we would go to the right place, and cruised down the road. It was a pretty slow pace, so I stopped with the death grip on my driver after a minute or two. We got home safely, with only a few mariage proposals.
Anyways, I have coffee to drink, and volunteers to mingle with!
Tam Biet!


Anonymous said...

Hey my love!
You all seem to be having such a great time, I can't wait to start leaving stories like yours and hopefully they're just fun and exotic sounding :P
keep safe!

Perc & Bob said...

If marraige is happening in Vietam, you need to give us time to get there.
P & B

Danielle Sharkey said...

Haha Im not sure if mariage is in the plans yet. But yesterday when Rosie and I went for a walk, we had a few locals boys and talk to us. The only correctly formed sentences were Hello, What is your name, and I love you.