Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend in DaNang: Day 2

The parentals are requesting pictures.
I figured I would start everyone off with a picture of my future husband. His name is Chan, he works at Pizza Plus, he is twenty five, can do sign language, read and write in English AND Vietnamese. I think I count that as knowing three languages.
He is the funniest person that I have never heard speak.

Anyways, We went to Pizza Plus (a restaurant in DaNang which hires young people who are hearing impared, teaches them sign language and cooking/serving skills). Amazing place. This was my second time there, hanging out with Nga (a girl who used to live an orphanage we work at) and Chan, the beautiful waiter boy who entertained us all the last time we went. I love it there. The food is decent, but the atmosphere is beautiful. I don't know what else to say.

To see more pictures of my weekend, click here

P.S. No I'm not actually getting married, I am coming home in two weeks... don't worry dad, you are still my number 1. Happy Father's Day!!!!

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