Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon. (not published till Friday Afternoon... oops)

Things have been pretty crazy around here recently. The older kids from the B.O. left on Thursday for Hoi An, just a few days after Hong left. This leaves the Baby Orphanage with a lot of crying mothers, 2 lonely children who will be adopted soon and a bunch of kids under the age of 5 (including 2 children who were seperated from their older siblings). The orphanage has changed from being my favorite place to go, to my least favorite of the orphanages.
We visited the Hoi An orphanage... and it's horrible. In one room there are 30 children with birth defects (most due to agent orange). It was a horrible sight, they were confined to their beds, some tied down, most of them werent wearing underwear. One child had a head that was larger than their body. I guess the swelling expanded it, but it looked like something out of a Sci Fi movie.
Some of our kids were doing better than others adjusting to the new orphanage. Kieu, thankfully was doing fine, a little quiet, but she's ok. I was thoroughly worried that she would be called autistic again and them send her somewhere away from her friends. But others, not so much. Lieu and Lan were very upset, crying asking Carrie to take her home, Diem wouldn't get out of her room and see us or eat the fruit we bought. She was scared to leave because a few days earlier, one of the mother's beat her with a stick. It was really hard for all of us, I dont think that a single one of us got through that day without crying.
I came back on Saturday, watched some movies with Rosie and just had a quiet night in, eating ice cream and mixing up some Tang. Rosie went to the Catholic Church in Tam Ky (she knows the traditions but not all the words in Vietnamese). So here I am, quiet afternoon, reading some comics and listening to 'Danielle's Faves' which I uploaded to the computer. It's not too bad.

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