Thursday, June 12, 2008

She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me she loves me not, SHE LOVES ME

I am really upset about the kids moving, but I had an awsome day with the kids so I wanted to write it in a seperate entry. Huong and I chilled out again today, she's getting better at not being jealous of the other kids that want to play with me too. Before, she would get mad at me, but now she's a bit better. She showed me pictures today of the American family who is adopting her. Her house is beautiful and they already have a younger Vietnamese girl to be her sister. Huong seems to think that I am from where her 'family' is from, (she calls me mai which means american). I do my best to correct her, saying my name is Dani, not American. Somedays it works. Anyways, she sat on my lap, showed me pictures of her mother, father, sister and house-to-be with a very excited look on her face.
Carrie (who speaks a little Vietnamese) asked Huong if she loves Co (teacher) pointing at me and Huong nodded her head enthusiastically. SHE LOVES ME!!! haha I think it's wonderful.
Also, one girl Phoung, was saying Co sao, Co sao which means 'teacher ugly, teacher ugly' and Huong replied 'Dani dep, Dani dep' (dep means beautiful). I love her soooo much. Sigh, getting attached to the kids was much too easy.
I'm glad she will be around for my last few weeks... it might make the other kids leaving a little little bit easier.

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