Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend in DaNang: Day 1

While all my Canadian friends went to Nha Trang, I spent the weekend with a few Australians (Carrie and Paul). We started off with a crazy bus ride and a woman threatening to kick us off unless we pay more than everyone else on the bus.
Our hotel didn't work out because they gave us two single beds for three people. I mean, I don't mind sharing a normal sized bed, but Carrie and I didn't feel like spooning that night. The front desk staff refused to give us a new room, or tell us where another hotel was close by.
We left, went to Tam's Bar (owned by a lady Paul already knew) and asked her for some help. This woman is amazing, she has taken in about 7 children into her home, owns a restaurant, and uses the profits to help people who live up in the mountains, buying them clean water and showing them how to farm. We asked her to help us find a new hotel where the three of us could stay. She stayed silent for a moment, (I got worried we were intruding) and she jumped up and left.
A few minutes later she said that she got us a nice room in a hotel just down the street. Done deal.
I met a 16 year old American boy who was adopted from Vietnam when he was 2 who worked at Tam's place and he told me he would take me out surfing the next day.
So I was up, (not so early) and out in my bathingsuit, tank top and ready to go. The board I used was huuuge (the little guy carried it for me) but apparently the bigger the board, the easier because it is more likely to catch a wave (or just float). So I paddled around for a while, learned how to stand up. The waves were really small so I didn't do anything impressive, but I went home after a few hours with a bit of a sun burn and a huge board burn on my stomach. Yeah, I'm that cool.

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