Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update on the kids moving

This whole situation with the kids leaving soon has been very confusing for me. They were supposed to be gone on the first of June so I thought I did my goodbyes etc, but every day I showed up, the older kids were still there, at the Baby Orphanage.
Apparently they are now leaving in 5 days. I'm glad I had more time with them, but we are all a little upset about them going to a new place in Hoi An. Carrie and some of the other volunteers went and checkedthe place out... and it wasn't so good. They had 30 kids with different types of mental and physical disabilities all in one small room, tied to beds and stuff. I don't know what the rest of the facility is like (except it's huge) but I hope they will do alright there.
I'm scared for some of the kids because they are seperating from their best friends, family and especially one volunteer, Carrie. She loves the kids, has been here since September and they keep asking her if she is moving to Hoi An with them... which she can't.
From the sounds of things, Huong (my fave) is staying at the Baby Orphanage because she is getting adopted soon by an American family.
Kieu is leaving though. I couldn't believe they would do that to her. She is finally getting out of her shell, talking to me, hugging me, coming out to the common room to see the rest of the kids, and they are taking her away from her friends, and all the people she is comfortable with. She has a few little friends she will be leaving behind, and I just can't see such a drastic change being good for her again, she might go right back to how she was before: completely unresponsive.

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