Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hong's Last Day

So apparently Ive been spelling her name wrong the whole time. It's "Hong" with some accents. Anyways, she left Monday afternoon with her new American Family. I got to play with her all morning (to see pictures, click here)

I was really sad when we left after our moning session and I thought it was my last time seeing her because she was supposed to leave that afternoon.
Thankfully when we arrived in the afternoon do give the kids a special meal(they are so malnourished sometimes we cook something huge to help out)she hadn't left yet. As we drove in, the van to take her away was sitting in the parking lot. We kinda blocked the van in, and I chatted with the parents for a bit. (chatted-uncasually with tears in my eyes).

They seemed really ok. The father kept telling me that he thought we were doing a good thing helping the children out, and the mother reassured me that Hong was going to a good place. They started asking me questions about her, which made me even more sad. Like, they don't even know her yet. They have no clue how wonderful she is. I told them how quiet and sweet she is, that she tends to shy away from other kids, doesn't speak english very well but is very excited to go to America. The father laughed and said 'we were worried about having to drag her away, but she walked right out and sat in the van'. She sat there with her bag in hand (she loves keeping things in bags) and blew me kisses and waved goodbye.

After the door closed, one of the kids ran up to me, book in hand, and was like 'mai mai' (they call me 'american' in vietnamese). Hong nearly left her book behind. I didn't sleep all Sunday night because I was so fidgety so I sat at the computer and printed pictures off of her, some friends, Carrie and I so that she would have some pictures of her time at the orphanage. Thankfully, they opened the door back up and Hong looked really excited to have her book back.

Well, she's off to a new place, new family, new everything. I'm excited for her, I know this is the best opportunity for her. I hope everything works out really well.

I'm adding a link for the pics of our trip to Hue. Go back and take a look if you are interested.


Jackie S. Quire said...

You make my heart break for you, just reading that.
I love you babe.

Mom said...

Which one is Hong?

Danielle Sharkey said...

i love you too jacko.
and mom Huong = Hong, the chickie I've been talking about. in the album she is the one in the pretty dress which she got so she would look nice when she went to the US.