Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kites are fun

So I'm headoing off to Hue in a couple of hours. There is a Kite Festival that happens every two years and it is pretty huge. Singing, Dancing all over the city, I'm pretty excited to go.
This past week has been pretty awsome. The new volunteers are totally kickass and I'm enjoying getting to know them. Kieu is getting better day by day. (I'm trying not to get my hopes up though). Today she even met me in the common room. She's sitting on my lap, remembers our handshake after she's done a puzzle and gives me kisses. Today all of us girls hung out in the back room. Huong is starting to get along with the other girls better.
Today was halirous! We were all sitting around and one girl started waving her hand in front of her nose. I took a big whiff and found out that one of the girls totally farted! It stunk really badly so all the girls started waving their hands in front of their noses. After a second, Trinh hopped up and started wiggling her butt at us, claiming that it was totally her.
I laughed so hard I couldn't stop. I just couldnt. The girls were rolling on the floor, giggling and waving their hands in front of their noses.
I guess kids everywhere think farts are funny. International Humour.

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Mom said...

I enjoy your stories both the sad ones and the humorous ones.