Saturday, April 26, 2008

One More Day

Well, I am leaving the Island tomorrow at 11ish for my first leg of the trip. I think I should be more excited, but I am presently looking around the room at all of the stuff that I should be packing, and the pile is daunting. I went on a huge shopping extravaganza with Allison this afternoon and we found some good, appropriate clothing. I am really not ready for Milan, but I should be comfortable and not offend too many Vietnamese people with my scandalous summer wardrobe.
The traveling starts tomorrow, driving with the parents to St Andrews where I will nap, then drive to Portland and its only 36 hours of sitting on a plane till we are there! I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to everyone that I really wanted to, but like I told my grandparents, it's only two months and I'll be right back on the island. So GOODBYE PEI I'll see you soon!


Anonymous said...

I bet you packed all the right clothes. Most summer clothes are cute anyway so it should be good plus they take up less room in your suitcase than winter clothes so you probably have enough stuff. I wish I was going with you but I guess I'll hold down the Canadian fort for now until you get back... hahaha
I will send you Toronto updates on Facebook or maybe on here because none of your readers probably will exploit my embarrassing stories... maybe anyway.
Uhm LOVE YOU. Be safe. Make Rosie your travel buddy so you don't go anywhere sketch alone! I'm glad you are doing something good for the planet.
Love Jen
PS i typed in my livejournal thing from like 5 years ago... I think I have one? hopefully no one reads it though. :)

Jackie S said...

Hey meuf. I heart you and miss you already, even though you haven't left yet, and you say it's not really all that different because we live so far apart anyways *tear.
I leurve you and will be blog-stalking you.

Ben"Heart Break"King said...

I heard that the 36 hour plane poundings are the best. You always get the most babelicious stewardess. Rumor has it...

Dawn said...

I will miss you...
You will do great out there!
Best of luck!
Dawn B

Munderhay said...

I will adventure through you and your wacktacular blog.
You're going to have so much fun. Be reckless and irresponsible and don't forget to say hi to Charlie.

treasure said...

Nice Danni....U bout to have Vietnam on lock haha

Have fun from the plan to the city, best of luck yo
i finally figured out my way around this blog haha

...till d next entry

Danielle Sharkey said...

Thanks guys!

Perc & Bob said...

looking froward to more stories..

Perc& Bob