Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feeling a Little Zoolander

After 36 hours of travelling, we are almost there! I never really understood HOW LONG a 21 hour flight could be... but let me tell you, it's a long time. Stepping off the plane an hour ago, with a greasey face, travel belt permanently stuck to my body, and feet swollen up like the elephant man, I wasn't sure I would recover. But with a quick rinse off in the sink, some blood circulation, and an excellent brownie, we are back in action. We have another 6 hours here in the GORGEOUS airport in Singapore, (Malasia- good thing I'm not a male model eh? The proximity would be tempting) a 2 hour flight to Da Nang where we will be picked up by Viet (he is totally going to have our names on a sign like famous people). Till then, we are just wandering around our terminal, which is about a million bajillion times more interesting than the Ch'town one. There are orchids and plants, and huge fish all inside. Very pretty! Also, the temperature here is intense: 36 degrees at 7:00am (sorry jackie). I can only imagine what it will feel like at noon in Vietnam.
Hope everything is going well in Canada. hugs and kisses to everyone.

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